Rock Mountain, Alabama

Welcome to my website. If you are searching for information on the Rock Mountain area you have found the most likely to place on the Internet to find it, and you will not find much of the content on this site anywhere else. Along with my book, The History of Rock Mountain in Jefferson Alabama, I have compiled the most complete history of this area in existence, and I’m adding new content regularly.rock mountain lakes

I first walked over Rock Mountain in 1961 when I was only nine years old. Two years later, my family moved to Rock Mountain. We were the first family to live in the present-day Rock Mountain Lakes community. As a kid, I dug in the old trash piles and picked up arrowheads and old horseshoes. I held those things in my hands and wondered about the people who once owned them.

A half century after I first came to Rock Mountain, I decided to set aside the time to write my book when I realized that I had witnessed much of the tangible history of Rock Mountain disappear, and if I didn’t begin putting fingers to keyboard, most of what I saw would never be recorded.

With my book, I tried my best to tell the history of this area in a way that is easy to understand and enjoyable. I have the same goal for this website.

While researching my book I realized that the “everyday” things that are taken for granted during a lifetime will be tomorrow’s history. I was very pleased to find anything that was recorded by the early settlers in the area, however insignificant it must have been to them. For that reason, I have decided not to ponder the significance of a memory or newly discovered information–  if it’s related to Rock Mountain, I’m placing it on this website.alabama creek bluff

Since making that decision, I have found that people really enjoy reading about those “insignificant” things because those are the things that often bring back memories for them. Since I want this website and my book to be a historical record, I have no doubt that future generations will also want to read about those things.

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Rock Mountain, Alabama — 5 Comments

  1. Bill,
    In your book you mentioned a well site on Rustic Drive. I am 99% sure I know which lot it was on and would like to talk to you about the location.
    Please email me at your convenience.

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